San Francisco Police Call Norinco SKS a “Cannon of a Rifle”

Anti-gun reportage is nothing new for left-coasters. Nor is anti-gun hysteria. The most recently outbreak: a proposed ban against open carry. This in a state where openly carried weapons must be carried unloaded, and hardly anyone does so. And nothing bad has happened as a result. Thankfully, that measure proved a damp squib. But the ignorance and animus generating the gun grabbers’ fear and paranoia continues to infect the local media. “Cops uncovered a ‘cannon’ of a rifle while making a pot bust in the Bayview district earlier this month.” How does know that this was no ordinary rifle? ‘Cause “the police said.” Besides, look! Look at all those big ass bullets! You can hardly get your hand around them. I mean, those cannons are illegal, right? According to the triumphant cops, who also removed a small bag of “weed” from the world, very . . .

The driver was pulled out of the car. The driver handed the cops a small bag of weed, presumably hoping they wouldn’t search his car, police said.

The cops searched the car and found an SKS carbine rifle, “which is very illegal.” The suspect also had a warrant for his arrest out of Merced County, police said.

He was booked at Bayview Station.

“Gotta believe a life [lives] was saved getting this cannon off the streets,” police said.

That’s right: you gotta believe. Otherwise, what? You’d have to confront the fact that the wast majority of gun crimes are committed with handguns?