Question of the Day: What’s the Worst Holster You Ever Owned?

I reckon a handgun owner without a drawer full of discarded holsters isn’t trying hard enough. Actually, my abandoned holsters live in a shoebox. Just sitting there. Unloved. Uncomfortable. Unnecessary. Most of them are IWB, which stands for I Wanna Be sedated. I’m happy to see you but there’s no way I can put a gun inside my pants without feeling poked, prodded, used and abused. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Some guy over at is asking for advice about ankle holsters. Here’s an idea: duct tape a gun to the space between your shoulder blades first. Try a few quick draws. See how that works out for you. And while we’re at it, Don Johnson has a lot to answer for (like making me end a sentence with a preposition). Anyway, what’s the worst rig upon which you’ve ever pissed away your money?