FBI historian Dr. John Fox and I had a nice chin wag this morning. We talked about the Bureau’s early history and . . . this and that. For example, contrary to popular belief, John Dillinger did not have an enormous penis. The bulge in the morgue photo is actually the FBI-terminated gangster’s arm, taken from a funny camera angle. Even funnier now, one hopes. Anyway, we were talking about Mr. Dillinger’s non-biological arms. Dr. Fox sent me a link to an article by Kevin Williams that depicts one of Dillinger’s more, uh, unusual armaments. [click here for a pdf] And a damn strange thing it is too—fabricated by a saddle maker, not Rube Goldberg. Given the controversy surrounding a certain Glock 19 with an extended magazine, I imagine there aren’t that many people who could appreciate the artistry and sheer oomph of this crazy ass gun, never mind own one. Never mind shoot it. Oh lord I want to be in that number.

7 Responses to Obscure Object of Desire: Full Auto Colt Super 38

  1. Awesome. In a free society, you’d be able to order one and have it delivered to your door. I personally want the .45 full auto tommy gun, but I “can’t” have one because my betters say it’s the “law.”

  2. You could, of course, build one yourself in semi-auto with the right Treasury stamp. But which stamp, an SBR or an AOW?

  3. The markings on the front strap seem to elude that this particluar specimen may have been owned by the St. Louis Police Dept. I was born,raised and still reside in St. Louis. My grandfather was a St. Louis city beat cop during the prohibition days. I wonder if he ever was exposed to something like this?

  4. The front strap is not from the full auto with the stock. The pictures are arranged so that you might think that, though.

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