NSSF: Long Gun Sales Push U.S. to New Firearms Sales Record

The last time American firearms sales spiked like this (1994), Uncle Billy’s Boys were about to implement the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Also worth noting: during the period when the AWB was in effect, long gun sales far outpaced handgun sales. In the last three years, the gap between sales of the two genres has narrowed considerably. Thanks to liberalized concealed carry laws, it looks like handguns will outperform long guns (sales wise) in 2010—for the first time since these records were collated by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. No wonder Ruger’s stock is on a high.


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3 Responses to NSSF: Long Gun Sales Push U.S. to New Firearms Sales Record

  1. avatarsupton says:

    *scratches head*

    *eyeballs graph* Rough average of 3.5M sales/year, times 26 years–I come up with 91M guns sold in that time. 310M population of today, plus all prior gun sales… Are there gun junkyards that I’m not aware of? Just what’s the scrappage rate anyhow?

    I’m not sure if I see the same trend (handguns outselling long guns) but it’s an interesting graph nevertheless.

    I wonder how many persons make up that 5M sales last year–I’m guessing sales to less than 5M persons. Maybe 2% of the population buys a gun each year? Take out the kids (who aren’t old enough), maybe 3%? I wonder if that’s not far from population growth.

    Just wondering where 91M guns go…

  2. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    I most likely account for the spike in sales along with a few of my friends. I find that the people who buy guns tend to buy a lot of them thru out the years. The gun grabbers don’t seem to understand that whenever they push for a ban on guns, that they are helping the sales of all guns skyrocket. I feel that people like Mikeb and his buddies help sell more guns than any ads (thanks for the help Mikey). LMAO

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