Did Alonya really mean to conclude her dietribe [sic] by saying that spree killer Jared Lee Loughner wasn’t mentally unsound? I don’t think so. But the mono-monikered media maven sure wasn’t interested in anything remotely resembling balance in her “report” on the “fact” that two million mentally ill people aren’t in the federal NCIS background check system. [Note: when two talking heads start talking, the facts go walking.] Stooge?  Mouthpiece? You choose. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the NRA is lobbying to give people deemed mentally ill a chance to prove that the diagnosis was made in error, or that they’ve regained their mental health. Good for them.

5 Responses to Mental Illness and Firearms. And That’s Just the Reporters . . .

    • Amen! This seems quite collegiate. I like the fact that all their sources are lobbying groups.. and only from one side.

  1. Well, as interviews go, it certainly wouldn’t win any awards, but what was so wrong with their point. It is quite a lacuna that many states don’t submit this data to the fed, isn’t it?

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