Iowa Police Chief: We Won’t Stop and Search CCW Holders. Unless We Do.

Every now and then, with great but no longer alarming regularity, the British Nanny State gently presses down on the jackboot lying across their subjects’ throats. Individual freedoms within The Land of Hope and Glory have died by a process of gradual strangulation. For example, UK denizens lost their gun rights with a whimper, not a bang. Slowly, through ever tighter restrictions, the right to self-defense was eroded. Until it disappeared. Taken individually, on the face of it, none of the anti-gun laws were that bad. As Brits like to reassure themselves, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear.” Truth be told, more dangerous words have never been spoken. Of course, Britain has no monopoly on weasel words and tolerant apologists. We take you now to Iowa City, Iowa, where the police chief reassures concealed carry weapons holders that they have nothing to fear from the new law banning guns from City property . . .

[Iowa City Police Chief Sam] Hargadine said enforcement of the law will likely be complaint driven. The city is looking at improving its camera systems in City Hall, which could help catch violators.

One thing officers won’t be doing is stopping people on city property, such as the Pedestrian Mall, just to see if they’re packing heat.

“We’re down there on foot patrol, anyway,” Hargadine said. “(Officers) are going to look for law violations of any kind, not just guns.”

Violators will be charged with criminal trespass, a simple misdemeanor. Officers will have the option of warning or citing and releasing violators, but could possibly seize their weapon or take them to jail if there are other factors. As with any other crime, officers will have to use their best judgment when deciding on a course of action, Hargadine said.

So, now that the state has removed local police chiefs’ discretion on whether or not to issue a concealed carry permit, unleashing a flood of applications., the Chief has decided that enforcement will be at his discretion.

Is this Police State gun control, where law-abiding citizens are worried about losing their gun rights in a warrentless stop and frisk, the brainchild of gun control advocates? It certainly seems as if Chief Hargadine has been listening to the Brady Bunch’s talking points, as the lede of the story suggests:

Iowa City Police Chief Sam Hargadine said the city’s recently approved gun ban on municipal property was simply common sense.

“I think there are places where it’s somewhat inappropriate to take a firearm,” Hargadine said Wednesday. “Some people would assume a church would be one. Libraries, city public buildings — I think — are another.”

A government employee who can’t even discuss public safety without larding his remarks with qualifiers is in charge of CCW enforcement? What’s wrong with this picture? And how can we stop it from changing into something darker, and more malevolent?