I don’t know about you, but I’d think twice before giving my organization the same three-letter acronym as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I say that not-so-safe in the knowledge that the International Benchrest Shooters could easily remove one of my earlobes for that remark, from 1000 yards. As long as they had something stable upon which to rest their rifle. Where was I? Oh yes, bulletin.accurateshooter.com reports that IBS long-range shooters may now use muzzle brakes in the Heavy Gun class. “This will allow the Light Guns (which often have muzzle brakes) to compete in both classes. [ED: light sabers are still out, apparently.] The purpose of the change is to draw more competitors, and allow those shooters, who can only afford one rifle, to shoot in both classes.” Excellent compensation, so to speak . . .

4 Responses to IBS: We Brake for Less Expensive Competition

    • It’s not. Looks to be a purpose built benchrest stock of some sort made of laminate wood (notice that the left side is a different color and the entire forend tip has hints of vertical streaks indicative of laminated wood).

      Anyways, back on topic… Benchrest is an expensive game, long range benchrest even more so. This is a good change, IMO.

      • Most long range competitions are about who can throw the most money at the problem. That’s why I like sticking in Service Rifle division in NRA High Power: there’s not a whole lot you can do to the rifle beyond free floating the handguards and getting a heavy barrel. It means that you’re not in an arms race for the latest and greatest gimmick or the most expensive rifle, and adds to the challenge of shooting at long distances.

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