Despite TTAG’s admonition to drop the schtick, Hickok45’s 38 minute exploration of the Taurus Judge begins with some stunting and flossing, .410 style. Never mind. You can’t expect The Man to go cold turkey on the Borscht Belt ballistics. Soon thereafter the latest episode of My Favorite Marksman gets down to brass tacks with a 3″ Taurus Judge. It’s not a very penetrating demonstration, if you know what I mean. I reckon Hickok45’s proven that the Taurus Judge loaded with 410 shotshell is not the last word in terms of stopping power. Who knew? Never mind. Here’s hoping that we’ll see LOTS more of this new, more infotaining Hickok45. And speaking of duct work, I wonder if Hickock45 saw the movie Brazil . . .

5 Responses to Hickok45 Listens to TTAG: Evaluates Taurus Judge

  1. I thought the review was really good. I didn’t have any trouble hanging in there for the whole thing. I wish Mr. H. would’ve spent a little time on the Judge’s fit, finish and feel since Taurus guns are regularly criticized as being “cheap”.

  2. I’m sorry but this video was being planned long before Robert Farago presumed to know how hickok45 and crew should or shouldn’t run a youtube channel. I find the title to this post pretty funny to be honest.

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