Gun-Toting FL Rep. Allen West Joins Congressional Black Caucus

I find the idea of a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) offensive. In this supposedly post-racial era, when a black man is President of the United States, why is it OK for African-American politicians to separate themselves from their Congressional colleagues purely on the basis of skin color? Anyone who suggested a White Congressional Caucus would be vilified, ostracized and deep fried. The CBC’s justification: African-Americans face separate (but equal?) challenges, and approach issues from a shared cultural and, thus, political perspective. Gun control, for example. As reps for communities ravaged by gun crime, they are, to a man, for it. Well, they were, before Rep. Allen West joined the CBC . . .

Some are “leery” of West, according to a CBC member who requested anonymity.

West raised some eyebrows in a CBC meeting soon after the assassination attempt of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

After members expressed concern for their safety, West, a two-decade plus Army veteran, said members should consider carrying a concealed weapon.

In an interview with The Hill this week, West said, “They were talking about getting detailed security and I said, ‘Well you just look in your state as far as getting a concealed weapons licensing,’ which is something that I have. I think personal protection starts with yourself, but you just coordinate with local law enforcement to make sure you have collateral security at your events.”

CBC member Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) said West’s suggestion didn’t go over well, adding it was “frowned” on by other lawmakers.

Thank God West didn’t have to face an arched eyebrow. Still, it’s nice to read (via that a gun rights pol has infiltrated the CBC. I’ve long believed that America’s minorities have faced firearms discrimination. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end. I may not get there with them, but I believe that all Americans should have equal access to armed self-defense. Share America’s Firearms Equally. Safe!