AOL Grabs Gun Grabbers, and Vice Versa

Now that Dan Baum has left the building (moron that later), I feel free to use the term “gun grabber.” (Dan had threatened to de-bookmark us over the term.) Fox News (oh this IS fun) reports that AOL has shelled-out $315 million for the official website of America’s greediest gun grabbers (GOD I love writing that): Paul Helmke of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center. Not to mention their minions, clones and camp followers (oh STOP!). In and of itself, that’s no biggie. The more interesting part of the deal: Arianna Huffington is now in charge of ALL of AOL’s web content. Gun control advocates will have an even larger audience for their cod-common sense agenda. Either that or it’s another step towards obscurity for AOL, which will eventually drag down and kill the HuffPo. Just sayin’.