SHOT Show: Taurus Counters Smith & Wesson’s New Governor with 28-Gauge Raging Judge

According to Taurus, “The first Judge of its kind is ready to take on whatever comes your way. Whatever ‘it’ happens to be.” I reckon “it” is the media coverage given the new Smith & Wesson shotshell-firing Governor handgun. But the Raging Judge’s new caliber, 28-gauge, raises more question than it answers. Like what does THAT feel like? Not surprisingly, the presser reassures potential owners that the new Raging Judge isn’t completely insane. “The Taurus Raging Judge in 28 gauge comes equipped with the distinctive ‘Raging Bull’ cushioned insert grip for reduced felt recoil and its strong, ordnance grade steel frame is built to take everything the revolver dishes out.” Overkill? Judge not lest ye be judged.