SHOT SHOW: Stoeger to Debut M3500. Finally.

A little sneak peak action at the Las Vegas SHOT Show. A big ass poster hangs over the entrance announcing the new Stoeger M3500. And not before time. Questions about the shotgun’s arrival stateside have been on the net for, oh, four years. I can tell you nothing about the shotgun save the fact that it uses the inertia-drive system—the same gizmology used by the Benelli M2 Tactical reviewed by TTAG. Which means the M3500 also fires everything from light loads to 3.5″ magnum shells. And, unlike the $1k Benelli, the Stoeger scattergun doesn’t cost a whole lot. In other words, what you see above. We’ll pop by Stoeger’s booth tomorrow and report back. Or not. Depending on how lost I get for how long and where.