SHOT Show: Smith & Wesson Unveils Taurus Judge Competitor: The Governor


After testing the new Smith & Wesson Governor, the rabbi reckons it’s got too big a spread for anything other than in-your-face self-defense work. Which is equally true for the Taurus Judge—which overcomes that problem with Winchester PDX1 ammo. Which is not so great for shotguns. Anyway, the Governor had a nice smooth trigger pull and looks tres chic in femme fatale noir. As for the name, I propose that Taurus christen their next shot shell shooting revolver the Executioner so that Smith can call their next scatter-recover the Commander-in-Chief. The rabbi and my new best bud Scott Conti have signed up for a Feb demo gun; we’ll gel test this bad boy for your dining and dancing pleasure. Make the jump for some snaps of the Governor not in action . . .