SHOT Show: Diamondback Debuts Itty Bitty DB9 9mm

Aw look. It’s a gun. Isn’t it cute! With a three-inch barrel, the new 11-ounce Diamondback Firearms DB9 is roughly the same size as a wallet. It’s also so thin it has to run around in the shower to get wet (.80″). And yet the DB9 holds six-plus-one rounds of nine millimeter goodness. The five-pound double-action only trigger is a surprise: crisp and clean and nowhere near as long as War and Peace. The zero-energy striker strike me as a good idea, too. As to whether or not broadsides of barns are in any danger from this mouse gun or whether or not the recoil makes the DB9 as pleasant to shoot as Old Yeller (in a different sort of way), I ¬†dunno . . .

As Center Mass marketing maven Travis Noteboom told me, who gives a shit? (paraphrasing) If you’re in a life-or-death situation, you won’t feel a thing. Nor, hopefully, will the bad guy. But that depends on actually shooting the bad guy with enough accuracy or let’s-face-it luck to damage him enough to thwart his evil intentions. Which has something to do with the DB9’s recoil and muzzle flip. Which are likely to be considerable And best tamed by practice. Which you won’t want to do if there’s too much recoil.

Oh dear. I’m not very good at this mouse gun stuff, am I? Suffice it to say, despite making its guns in the business-friendly Sunshine State, Diamondback doesn’t have the kind of money SHOT show exhibitors pay for a range on Media Day. We’ve hit them up for a T&E (Testing and Evaluation) model. And if Diamondback sells a few thousand DB9’s, and somehow manages to placate Aston Martin’s lawyers without shelling out huge quantities of cash, they might have a little target practice next year. It’s five bills sans laser, six with.