Republican Chairman’s debate via “‘How many guns do you own?’ Chairman Steele answered ‘None’, followed by former RNC official Maria Cino who seconded that absence of guns. Both met with silence. Then, to great applause from the audience, the president of the Wisconsin Republican Party Reince Priebus announced with great excitement he owns ‘Five’. But his moment of being the heralded image of a gun-welding NRA Republican savior was quickly dashed by, as some Texans may say, a ‘Second Amendment Gal’: Ann Wagner, from Missouri where she also headed the state GOP and an ambassador to Luxembourg, announced to the audience the great credentials she boosts: ‘I may surprise y’all, but we just got a new gun safe for Christmas, and I think there are about 16 in there – everything from pistols and a Glock to shotguns, rifles. And my son, who’s on the combat team at West Point, has an all-out assault rifle. So there you go!'”

5 Responses to RNC Chairman Michael Steele Doesn’t Own A Gun

  1. That’s a bit silly. So is the person with the most guns the best Republican?

    You don’t have to own a gun or even like guns to believe in the rights of people to protect themselves. I may support same sex marriage without being gay. I may be pro choice or pro life without being pregnant or a woman. I can stand on either side of the Palestinian question without having a poker in either fire. Etc.

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