5 Responses to John Lott: “The fact of how this attack was stopped is only very briefly mentioned once at the very end of the piece”

  1. I thought you weren’t supposed to “flash” a gun. Haven’t you told us that drawing a gun should only be done when you’re about to shoot it and otherwise it should stay holstered, or in the car?

    It’s really a terrible comment on society when a group of teenagers decide to rough-up a couple, but I don’t think a gun is that answer.

    • I wonder what the answer is, then? Let them beat you up and then give them an “I’m disappointed in your behavior” look?

    • You’re correct in thinking that “flashing” a gun is against the law. However, depending on the laws where you’re located, it is perfectly legal to “brandish” your deadly weapon in an attempt to thwart an attack (self-defense purposes), as opposed to immediately escalating the situation from not using a gun to discharging it.

      Would that not be the preferred outcome of any situation in which a gun is brandished? Are you not relieved to know that the good samaritan didn’t have to shoot anyone, and that nobody died? Personally, I’d consider that a more successful outcome than if I actually had to shoot someone.

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