Buzz Builds for Kel-Tec KSG 12ga Twin-Tube Bullpup Shotgun

TTAG loved it some Kel-Tech Sub-2000. Capt. John Raguso reckoned it was a far better choice for home defense than a shotgun: less recoil, more bullets, wieldy as a pen knife, foldable for bug-out duty, accurate, cheap, lovely! Throw in some frangible ammo to eliminate that pesky over-penetration problem and Bob’s your uncle. I’m getting one in 9mm, which may force me to switch from a Springfield XD-M to a Glock 19 (yes one of those), ’cause the Sub-2000 takes Glock mags. Anyway, the Sub-2000’s a hit. Not a runaway success, but a solid hit. But this, THIS is monster . . .

14+1 rounds from a compact shotgun? As our KSG post viewing stats and Oleg Volk’s fascination [below] prove, the buzz is building for this ballistic bad boy. We’ll make a beeline for it at SHOT. [Click here and here for more KSG gun porn]