TTAG Question of the Day: What Would YOU Ask Massad Ayoob?

Well, campers, after posting the story about Massad Ayoob’s 2-day class on the Rules of Engagement (the kind were a shooting occurs…and not the kind that necessarily involves a life sentence), we received some questions from TTAG’s Armed Intelligenstia about his classes. I thought to myself, “Brad,” (for that is my name) “why not just track down an email address for The Man himself, and see if you can get the straight skinny from him. And whilst you’re at it, ask for an interview.” I figured, the worst he could say is “No.” Much to my delight, Mr. Ayoob has graciously consented to an interview, which should take place sometime next week.

Far be it from me to bear the heavy burden of quizzing the Sensei of Self Defense on my own. No, Gentle Readers, I’m asking you to contribute questions, and I’ll do my level best to get ’em asked and answered. This is a wonderful opportunity to get information on self-defense and shooting issues, so let’s not waste it. So what would you ask him, if you were able to conduct the interview yourself?

Keep it pithy, people. Post your queries here in the comments section. I’ll take the rest of it from here. But time’s a-wastin’…don’t wait until the last minute if you want to get those burning questions an authoritative answer.