Also available for civilians! ‘Cause there’s no way a video of a self-defense shooting could be misinterpreted or taken out of context.

3 Responses to What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Burris ShotCam Edition

  1. I’m confident that police unions will fight this technology, tooth and nail. There are too many situations in which conclusive video evidence will disprove an officer’s testimony

    With something like the Shot-Cam, the time-honored phrase “He was reaching into his waistband for a weapon when I shot him” will no longer guarantee exoneration as it does now.

    • Amen, Chris. From Rodney King to recent abuses in Seattle and Dallas, video has been forcing bad cops off the playing field and sent some of them to prison. More is better.

  2. Technology that allows more transparency and less privacy cuts both ways. Police find surveillance video useful, but don’t like to be filmed themselves. I wouldn’t want a camera on my desk, either, but my job doesn’t wield life and death power.

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