Subsonic Extreme Shock .223 Ammo: AR as Quiet as an Airgun?

Extreme Shock has released a new .223 100 grain ASP (Advanced Subsonic Product) round specifically designed for civilian AR-15 modern sporting home defense assault rifles with suppressors. Extreme Shock Prez Jeff Mullins tells TTAG that the previous military-spec 127 grain ASP .223 rounds didn’t work as well as one would hope. “Because the silencers were loose-fitting, the bullet would strike the silencer on the way out. Accuracy at 100 yards was an issue. The new 100 grain ASP is far more accurate and a lot quieter. It reduces the noise levels to that of an airgun. You can hear the mechanics of the gun working. AND you can use it in civilian, suppressor-equipped AR-15s.” This was no easy task, apparently . . .

Designing subsonic ammunition is a delicate art, there is no one size fits all as with other ammunition. To achieve subsonic velocity one must change the powder, powder charge and seating depth. Extreme Shock has the only 100 grain .223 subsonic round that will fully function a military M4 and/or commercial developed AR-15s. You’ll have to [not] hear it to believe it. No modifications to the weapon. With noise comparable to a large air gun, the ASP gives the operator total stealth to achieve their objectives.  Get in, get out without being heard!

For shooters who turn to an un-suppressed .223 for home defense, Mullins recommends Extreme Shock’s AFR frangible AFR round, developed for Canadian police concerned about over-penetration in trailer parks, I kid you not. But wait! There’s a new round ‘a comin: a second generation Fang Face cartridge code-named GT. Details as soon as they land in our in-box.