SSAR-15: Fully Legal Full Auto AR-15 Submachine Gun

You want a fully automatic modern home defense sporting rifle that’s won’t expose you to a Waco-style house call from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires)? You got it! For the rest of the day, anyway. Seriously, it’s only a matter of hours before the ATF outlaws this bump fire rig . So if you want a legal full auto AR-15, you better jump on Slide Fire’s website NOW. And we can say that NOW because it’s not illegal NOW. Check out the $319 plus S&H gizmo pictured after the jump, along with the company’s disingenuous disclaimer and another video . . .

The SSAR-15 is NOT a mechanical device. It does not perform any automatic functions, nor does it increase a rifles rate of fire.

The SSAR-15 is a rifle stock, and the muscular application of force to create forward movement of the firearm defines the will of the shooter to discharge each individual round of ammunition. Each discharge requires a separate decision by the operator to exert his or her body strength to move the firearm back to a firing condition.

With the SSAR-15 installed – the firearm is still dependent on an actively engaged operator at all times; if the operator ceases to apply sufficient effort to move the firearm back to a firing condition; the firearm will immediately cease operating.