New Smith & Wesson .22 M&P22

Ever since ammo prices went through the roof, .22 caliber weapons have become the ballistic flavor of the day. Gunmakers have unleashed an entire arsenal of new .22 cal AR-style rifles. And now Smith & Wesson is launching a .22 M&P. Smith’s Walther division is building the M&P22, which has a 4.1″ barrel and an adjustable rear sight. The pistol’s single action-only Massachusetts 10-pound trigger will still suck (big time). Needless to say, Bay Staters and Californians will get a 10-round magazine. Everyone else holsters . . . 12. The Smith & Wesson M&P22 should be cheaper to run than your kid’s Christmas toys. In other words, it’s an excellent practice gun for owners who already holster a larger caliber M&P, and a good enough gun for self-defense practitioners who can’t cope with recoil who, sensibly enough, want a full-size (ish) gun.