Noreen Bad News .338 Lapua Ultra Long Range Rifle Revealed

The flags the fact that father and son gunmakers Peter and Phil Noreen are now selling the “Noreen Bad News.” It’s a $5k custom-made AR-style rifle chambered in the increasingly popular .338 Lapua (manufactured by your Nordic friends at Nammo Lapua Oy). Our favorite apolitical gun blogger lists the new weapon’s advantages: “semi-automatic (faster than old action), long range (much more power than the .308 Win) and comfortable recoil (on account of the semi-auto action and muzzlebrake).” Not to mention long range. Oh wait. He did. But it’s worth mentioning again. The round achieved fame recently when British soldiers blew the brains out— I mean “neutralized” enemy machine gunners in Afghanistan. The team set the world’s record for longest recorded sniper kill at 1.54 miles. Speaking of bad news, 20 285 GR BTHP MATCH™ .338 Lapua Hornady cartidges will run ya $106.80 a box.