4 Responses to New Marine Training: Three Guns to Rule Them All

  1. Looks good to these eyes, particularly if it works as intended. I’m curious about the thought process which starts with the scattergun in an outside environment and transitions to using the rifle indoors.

    One criticism, though: leaving the weapon behind at the various stages is pretty counter-intuitive to this Devil Dog. I assume it’s a concession to range safety, but it’s not a habit I would like to see my brothers developing. Train how you fight.

  2. I think any training with movement is probably helpful (unlike some folks who post on/own this site). That being said not once was he shooting from behind cover (including the car), that was all concealment.

  3. I think the most telling comment here is at 0:36 where he says “we’re basically fighting to get back to our rifle.” That’s ultimately the purpose of any other small arm in the U.S. Military.

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