“A man sighting his rifle on his Christmas tree farm in DeSoto Parish is getting the blame for the accidental shootings of a train engineer and conductor,” klfy.com reports. Only because he did. I know. What are the odds, right? Unless . . . nah. “DeSoto Parish sheriff’s Cpl. Dusty Herring told The Times of Shreveport that the man said he didn’t know that a KCS train was on the railroad tracks behind his property.¬†Herring says the man fired several rounds. One traveled 1,200 feet and entered the open window of the train. An engineer was struck in the face by a round that exited his jaw and struck a conductor in the hand. The engineer was hospitalized with injuries that authorities said were not life-threatening. The conductor did not need hospitalization.” Think about that the next time you’re shooting in “abandoned woods.”

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