Incendiary Image of the Day: 2003 Hornady Poster

The relatively subdued brouhaha over Sarah Palin’s caribou killing session got me thinking about the hunting industry’s sensitivity to the sensitive issue of animal-lover’s sensitivities. In general, they don’t have any. And why should they? The hunting industry is gi-friggin’-normous. Tens of millions of Americans see nothing wrong with killing animals with guns—to the point where they spend over a billion dollars doing so. I guess the “problem” with watching Ms. Palin re-stocking the happy hunting grounds with a caribou is that the audience includes people who would no more watch a hunting channel than roast a baby on a spit. I have a message for them: it could have been, often is, a lot worse. How? You don’t want to know. But the poster above gives you an indication.


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  1. avatarTTACer says:

    I am offended by the image of a cigarette. What kind of a message does that send to young groundhogs?

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