Anti-Airsoft Jihad Gathers Pace

I don’t get it. Does it really matter whether a criminal is holding a real gun or an Airsoft replica? I reckon the revelation that criminals have put orange tips on real guns to fuck with the po-po’s minds—a “fact” for which I’d like to see proof—eliminates the cops’ need to make any distinction between real and fake firearms. “Drop your weapon!” pretty much covers it. So the Fort Wayne police shot a perp wielding a Springfield XD look-alike who refused to down tools. So . . . what? So the police and the media are running around like their hair’s on fire. In Arizona, Vancouver, Wilmington (MA) and around the country, the media meme is the same: replicas are wrong. Question: wouldn’t cops prefer to face a replica than the real thing? If so, quit your bitching.