All hail Reeder Custom Guns for solving the 1911 capacity problem—in their own special way. In fact, for those who’ve questioned the relevance of a 1911 in these plastic polymer pistol days, Mr. Reeder has some hugely entertaining answers. We’ll be posting pics throughout the day. Suffice it to say, this custom firearm proves once and for all that gun people are some of the funniest folks you’ll ever meet. Take that any way you like. [Hat tip to Bob H for link.]

7 Responses to 1911 with Drum Magazine. Yes, It’s Real

        • Ignorance of the (deliberately arcane and full or procedural tripwires) law is no excuse. I will be sure to consult with a non-internet attorney before I even consider putting a k-grip on any pistol. 😉

          Thankfully the only handgun I may or may not own is so old that rails are not a concern.

  1. I have never seen a runaway 1911, but from what I hear they are much faster in full auto than the typical 650-750 RPM. I want to see some sear modification! Trip to Nevada anyone?

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