Question of the Day: Do You Wear Gun Gear?

FN has released a new design for their 3GN (Three Gun Nation) T-shirt. Note: enthusiasts wearing FN’s “Rifleman” shirt will be pointing a loaded weapon at the genitalia of anyone standing immediately to their right. (Sam advises men to use the urinal furthest to the right.) More than that, if there’s a better way of advertising the fact that you own a gun (other than open carry), I can’t think of one. Is that such a good idea? In the same way that open carry says “shoot me first,” wearing your gun on your sleeve makes you a target. If nothing else, it invites derisory stares from blue state bystanders. Which may be the whole point. Anyway, I avoid gun clobber, save a SIG or American Firearms School baseball cap when I’m on the range. I reckon discretion is the better part of defensive ballistics. Or something like that. How about you?