TTAG Sending SR40 Back to Ruger

The Ruger SR40 is an extremely accurate gun. The .40-caliber pistol’s recoil is, as advertised, as soft as a nine. We fed it 400 rounds without a problem. The trigger, however, is diabolical. It’s squidgy, gritty and unpredictable. And that’s odd. Because the SR40 trigger I sampled down at D&L felt exactly the same as the SR9c‘s, a gun we lauded for its 1911-style go-pedal. Ruger assures us that the SR40’s trigger uses all the same bits as the SR9c and the new, improved SR9. So I’m sending the SR40 back, and holding off on the full review awaiting a replacement. I want to see if the trigger trouble is a one-off production problem or the nature of the beast. In the interests of transparency, I’m keeping TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia in the loop. Watch this space. Meanwhile, make the jump for a trigger demo and comparo with the Springfield XD-M.