MyStepbyStep’s YouTube caption says it all: “пострелял от души но мало…75 баксов. был лучший вариант за 95, хотел в другой раз, но так и не дошел…сейчас понимаю, как М.Гибсон палит с беретты чуть ли не очередями и не целясь ))” According to Google, that’s “shoot from the heart but not enough … 75 bucks. was the best option for the 95, like at other times, but never came … now I understand how M. Gibson, firing Berettas with almost no queues and no aiming)).” Shoot from the heart but not enough; my new favorite Zen koan. A message to our former Cold War enemies: Mahalo nui loa na ho’olaule’a me la kaua. Thank you for celebrating with us.

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  1. Alternate translation: "I shot from the soul, but not much… (it was) 75 bucks. The best option was 95 (bucks). I wanted (to shoot) again, but didn't manage to. Now I understand how Mel Gibson burned through (a magazine) from a Beretta without aiming." I think the guy is talking about how much fun it was vs the cost… but I could be wrong.

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