From Valkyrie’s website:

Born from an idea that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness starts with a warm, belt-fed rifle, Valkryie Armament has reinvented the time-tested model of Eugene Stoner’s belt fed conversion into a modern day phoenix . . . We’ve all heard it before…why do you own an “assault rifle”…why do you need a “scary, black rifle”…why, why, why?  Simply put, because you can.  In this great land of ours, the liberties that we all enjoy were born in the barrels and breeches of our forefather’s flintlocks.  This truth is undeniable; however, it is continually under siege from the violent storm of opposition.  Valkyrie Armament is your conduit to politely tell those that ask you why…to go pound sand.

2 Responses to Valkyrie Armament Belt Fed AR: Why Not?

  1. The Shrike works completely differently. This is a Stoner style beltfeed mechanism, which ciener later worked on. This works on the same basis that the standard AR does.

    The shrike is a different mechanism. And ares is attempting to rework their image. Although, no idea if that is going to work.

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