Question of the Day/Night: What’s a Rifle Cuff?

When I cruise through YouTube videos on your behalf, I search for a key word by upload date (only the freshest fodder for TTAG readers). YouTube lumps in non-firearms videos with gun videos in the resulting list—if the non-ballistic video has the word “gun” or “rifle” in the description (e.g. “jump the gun”). All of which is a suitably long-winded way of telling you how I arrived at this video showing, of all things, shirts. Seems that the shifty-eyed male model on the left is wearing a shirt with “rifle cuffs” (1:02). I’ve Googled the term and came up with some pages on 18th century rifleman’s clothing. But no explanation of the rifle cuff’s origins¬†per se. Little help? Meanwhile, did you know . . .

that the row of buttons on a dress jacket’s sleeve were put there to stop soldiers from wiping their noses on the sleeve? They started on the inside of the sleeve, then migrated to a more practical and stylish position on the outside of the wrist.

I need a life.


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