What’s next, Pet Rocks? Hey, how about you tell this guy his timepiece is geeky? But seriously folks, what do you wear when you go to the range? I’m always aware that I should wear whatever I would wear when I’m wearing a gun, no matter where I’m shooting. When I test fired the Ruger SR9c at American Firearms School earlier this week, I wore a short-sleeved dress shirt. When I extended my arms into a shooting position, it clung to my not-quite-as-manly-as-this-guy’s shoulders. The shirt is now serving in the Salvation Army . . .

By the same token, I’ve resisted the urge to buy shooting glasses. If push comes to shove, I don’t think I’ll have the time to switch eyewear. In fact, I don’t wear sunglasses whilst shooting unless it’s really bright. What’s your gun range/plinking dress code?

3 Responses to Question of the Day: Are Digital Watches Back in Fashion?

  1. Suunto and 5.11 watches are standard "operator" gear. Handy for their compass, barometer, elevation functions. When I was in, they (Suuntos) were issued items for a unit I was assigned to.

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