“Its high destructive power is very efficient in taking out hovering helicopters, APCs or mobile radar stations, however.” However? Wow. Really? What’s that all about? The hive mind at Wikipedia reckons “The M3 and M6 [versions of the Hungarian-made Gepard GM6 Lynx] are strictly anti-materiel rifles, because the accuracy of the otherwise extremely powerful 14.5mm round degrades rapidly at ranges beyond 1000 meters.” Don’t you just hate it when that happens? FYI: the weapon above must be an M-1, M-1A1, M-2, M-4 or M-5, as the caption says it’s firing .50 BMG. The M-3 and M-6 iteration can’t be converted from the [try-finding-that-at-WalMart] 14.5 x 114 mm Soviet round. So now you know. You like?

One Response to Obscure Object of Desire: Gepard GM6 Lynx

  1. The Gepard GM6 Lynx is chambered to the Russian 12.7 x 108 mm or the .50 BMG
    (12.7 x 99mm) cartridges. The Russian 14.5 x 114mm (.57 cal) is not associated with this rifle unless it is more recent than I know of.

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