Elvis Presley’s Smith & Wesson for Sale

The blued pea-shooter above wasn’t Elvis’ gun per se. “This 22/32 Smith and Wesson Kit Gun was a gift from Elvis Presley to his fiancée Ginger Alden,” guernseys.com‘s catalogue reveals. “One evening in 1977 inside Elvis’ master bedroom at Graceland, Elvis was showing Ginger various guns he owned and he gave Ginger this particular gun feeling worried about her safety. He told her to keep it in her car so she would have protection when driving back and forth between her home and Graceland. A letter of authenticity from Ginger Alden is included with this lot.” $20k – $30k? Ginger was hot, but not that hot. I wonder what Lisa Marie was packing, and how many times she thought she might have to use it . . .


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