One of the beautiful things about the concept of concealed carry permits is that the bad guys never know who might be armed. Of course, that presupposes that the criminals are bright enough to figure that out. When they aren’t (and that seems to happen with alarming regularity), something less than hilarity ensues. To wit, this report via

MIAMI (AP) — Turns out the person three men tried to rob at a cash machine is a Miami-Dade police officer.

Police say the off-duty officer was withdrawing money from the ATM early Monday morning when he said three men pulled up in a truck, blocking the officer’s car.

The men attacked the unidentified officer, who pulled out his gun and shot two of them. The would-be robbers are in stable condition in a hospital. The officer was not injured.

So to recap: Concealed carry is a great idea, as you can defend yourself when in trouble, and the smarter class of criminal will leave you alone. But the stupid ones will try and jack you no matter what, so it pays to be situationally-aware. Any questions?

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