Trigger Comparo: Ruger SR9c, Springfield XD(m), Glock 30

So I was schmoozing with Wayne down at the American Firearms School this evening. When I opined that the Ruger SR9c’s trigger felt totally different from the go-pedal on Ye Olde full-size Ruger 9mm, he fished-out the rental SR9 from AFS’s ballistic trolley. Yup. Ruger’s boffins have given the SR9′s trigger a desquidgyectomy. We decided to finish the evening’s entertainment with a trigger comparo: the T/E Ruger SR9c, my Springfield XD(m) and Wayne’s ever-faithful Glock 30. Bottom line: the SR9c has the most 1911-style trigger of the bunch. Is that a good thing? I’m not entirely sure. But rest assured I’ll jump off the fence in this week’s SR9c review.


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  1. avatarM.Bonham says:

    Own the sr9c, shot several hundred rounds with six different brands and weights without a single hickup.Excellent pistol

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