Chicago Firefighter Caught With a Gun. OMG! is all abuzz with news that “a Chicago firefighter has been charged with a felony for having a loaded revolver in his vehicle outside Mount Greenwood Park on the Far Southwest Side on Tuesday night.” It seems that “Police stopped [Salvatore] Cheversia’s vehicle on suspicion he was not wearing a seatbelt and while looking in his glove box, officers found a Colt revolver fully loaded with six rounds. Cheversia has a valid FOID card but the weapon was not registered with the city, according to police. When officers asked why he had a gun, he allegedly said he was on his way to play softball at the park but stopped to buy the weapon for $200. He did not have a receipt, police said.” And this is news why? Of all the illegal gun buyers in Chicago, why should we be surprised that a fireman would want one?