Springfield XD vs. Glock: The “Squishy Trigger” Gap?

Wayne over at The American Firearms School can shoot the eyeballs out of a newt at ninety paces. With a Glock. Any Glock. ‘Cause all Glocks have the exact same grip and trigger. Shoot one Glock, you’ve shot ’em all. The Springfield XD-M shown here is different from a Glock in many important ways. As far as Wayne’s concerned, the XD’s trigger is the Big Kahuna. He doesn’t like it. Not a bit. It’s too “squishy.” Wayne prefers the Glock’s on-off-style clean trigger break and shorter reset. Hang on; Springfield’s sales literature claims that the XD-M has “the shortest travel than any currently available polymer pistol along with a similarly short reset.” We’ve put a call into Springfield, and not about their grammar. Meanwhile, time for a test fire . . .

If I was a newt, I’d buy Wayne a Springfield XD-M. Now back to the trigger thing . . .

Ace marksman Rob Leatham says that the XD-M’s “trigger alone is worth the price difference.” (Does the same hold true if it brings a friend?) Apparently, the new trigger makes the XD-M “better to shoot, more accurate to shoot and more consistent to shoot.”

Yes, well, Leatham meant the XD-M’s more accurate and consistent than the XD. Not a Glock. And, it must be said, The Dude made these statements in a promo video for the XD-M, for which he was handsomely rewarded.

I’ve got no problem with the XD-M’s trigger. After 1000+ rounds, newts should be afraid. Be very afraid.

[Note: no newts were harmed in the writing of this report or my Springfield XD-M review. So far. And as far as animal rights readers are concerned, no newts is good newts.]