This, dear friends, is the Talo Ruger SP101 Model KSP-321XEN Special Edition Premier. It’s a stainless steel .357 revolver with [Rolling Stones archivist-pleasing] Altamont Walnut Grip Panel Inserts. Automated Finishing did the engraving (such as it is). What’s the best they’d would be happy to engrave a $607 Ruger SP101 to your specifications? If you went that route, you’d end-up spending less than the $1,095 the Gallery of Guns is asking for the SP101 Model KSP-321XEN Special Edition Premier. Fortunately (I think), Allen’s Gun Shop wants $725 for the same weapon, which almost makes sense. Still, if I’m spending my money on a tacky gun, I prefer Talo’s Gold Glock. Just sayin’.

One Response to Ruger SP101 Model KSP-321XEN Special Edition Premier for $1095. Or Less.

  1. I love the SP101 revolvers as much as the next guy. they're rugged, dependable, concealable and as accurate as the shooter out to 25 yards. Best of all, for such a relatively, small package, they handle the magnum loads gracefully.

    Having said that, this special edition reminds me of the Toyota Corollas I see with spoilers and rims; it misses the point and tries to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, ruining the exceptional qualities/strengths inherent to its design. Simply put, these Rugers are workin' guns, not collector's pieces. But that's just me talkin'

  2. Wanted something with engraving as all my other “kids” are plain Jane. Long story short it’s beautiful in person and the pic does make it look a little tacky, no justice at all. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a chick…I’m not into pink, but I wanted something a little fancy looking and dependable without breaking the bank. Got a good deal and by the way…I hate Corollas with spoilers and rims…lol ;-D

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