I thought that PR battle was over. Apparently not. At whom is this video aimed? And I am SO getting a cupholder built for an AR. Seriously.

2 Responses to In Defense Of . . . The AR-15

  1. That video is clearly aimed at Tom's radio audience. Who will hopefully cross over and spend the $6 per month for his training website.

    I do like the moniker of AR: America's Rifle

  2. I'm more than happy to hear anyone who wants to say such things over and over as many times as they want, because there sure are a lot of people out there who still don't understand what an assault rifle or machine gun or high-powered weapon really is.

    Heck, my relative lives in that godawful place called Cook County, IL, and besides banning things such as heat shields, certain pistol-caliber carbines are banned. Must be because the 9mm and 10-round capacity make for such a dangerous "assault" weapon. …where's an eye-roll icon when I need one?

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