Earlier today, I blogged a report on so-called active shooters by Ron Borsch. The lead trainer at the Southeast Area Law Enforcement (SEALE) regional in-service academy in Bedford, OH studied just under 40 “rapid mass murder incidents.” According to his stats, two-thirds of the attacks were stopped by armed or unarmed civilians. In the post (and a subsequent email to Borsch) I wondered what percentage of those civilians were armed. Thanks to the miracle of modern communications, now we know . . .

“On total rapid mass murder aborts, UNARMED citizens are accounting for about 43%,” Mr. Borsch emails. “Armed citizens and police officers about split the remainder. Officers of course are handicapped by both time and distance.”

Mr. (Officer?) Borsch has agreed to telephone interview with TTAG. Watch this pace.

2 Responses to Armed Civilians Account for 432 of “Active Shooter Aborts”

  1. While I might be missing something, the article heading is incorrect and misleading. While the header states that ARMED civilians account for 43% of Armed Shooter Aborts, the article itself says the figure is for UNArmed civilians while police and ARMED civilians split the difference. That makes 28.5% for Armed civilian caused aborts and 71.5% for total civilian intervention or the roughly two thirds figure in the article.

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