Gun Review: Springfield XD-9

The Glock is a legendary gun. And rightly so. Its simplicity, reliability, corrosion resistance, magazine capacity and accuracy have assured its place in the Firearms Hall of Fame. Personally, I’m not a Glock guy. Despite my best efforts to let the Austrian pistol woo me with its minimalism, I’ve never felt that “love connection.” Every time I hold a Glock, the ergonomics put me off. It’s too big, it’s too small; the trigger’s too far, too weird . . . it just doesn’t feel right. By extension, I developed an aversion to all polymer pistols. Until the day a friend introduced me to a little Croatian sweetheart known as the HS2000; marketed to U.S. shooters as the Springfield Armory X-treme Duty 9x19mm or XD-9.

At first glance, the Springfield XD-9 bears a strong resemblance to its Austrian counterpart [Glock on top]. The Springfield is another polymer-framed, striker-fired, short recoil operated pistol with a trigger-mounted safety and a rail to facilitate the mounting of tactical doodads. Closer examination reveals that the XD-9 has taken the design to infinity—and back.

The XD-9 incorporates a grip safety, a steel recoil spring guide and (for us southpaws) ambidextrous magazine release controls. Unlike the Glock, the XD includes a loaded chamber indicator and a cocking indicator; the operator can ascertain the weapon’s readiness either visually or by feel.

The XD-9 also features front and rear cocking serrations on the slide. There’s generous texturing on the front, sides and back strap of the grip for more positive control under-less-than-ideal (i.e. oh shit) conditions.

Springfield’s dovetailed the three-dot sights securely into the front and rear of the slide. Their visibility is nothing more than merely adequate. Anyone thinking of packing the XD-9 as a daily carry gun should strongly consider adding a set of aftermarket tritium night sights.

Our test XD-9’s sights were regulated for a 6 o’ clock hold on the target, rather than the point-of-aim/point-of-impact I prefer. Straight from the factory, the weapon had a tendency to shoot to the right. I corrected the problem easily enough with a minor drifting adjustment of the front sight.

Early XDs lacked the corrosion-resistant melonite finish sported by current models. Although the gun was unlikely to turn into a slide-shaped pile of rust atop the frame if exposed to a humid environment, you can’t have enough reliability.

Even so, at the risk of alienating the Glock faithful, arguing over the relative reliability of the Glock and a Springfield is besides the point. The real test is how the weapon feels in the hand. If a shooter is comfortable with a gun, he’ll handle and shoot it with confidence. Which is the key to success is most aspects of shooting.

This is where the XD-9 earned my admiration and, yes, affection.

For me, the Springfield XD-9′s grip angle provides a much more natural point of aim than its Austrian cousin. I always felt I had to accomodate the Glock to get on target. With the XD-9, it’s more of a partnership. The XD feels as though it’s meeting me halfway. I get most of the work done, it finishes the job.

A simple test to determine how well a pistol works with your natural point of aim: pick a spot on the wall and close your eyes. Aim the unloaded pistol at the spot. Open your eyes. If your sights line up to your chosen spot,  a fair idea whether the ergonomics of the pistol are working with you, or against you.

With the Springfield XD-9, I’m nearly spot on.

As a striker-fired pistol, the XD’s trigger is extremely consistent, as is the reset. There’s plenty of take-up. But the trigger never feels squishy or gritty. The break is smooth enough to achieve minute-of-bad-guy accuracy even under pressure.

Mag changes are quick and easy, thanks to the drop-free stainless steel double column magazines and responsive ambidextrous magazine release controls. Loading the magazines to their full capacity of 16 rounds requires strong thumbs and an occasional extra firm tap to the base of the mag to ensure it’s fully seated.

The 4” duty model XD-9 is surprisingly handy while still being large enough to provide a solid and controllable platform for launching 16+1 rounds of reassurance before reloading. Muzzle flip is negligible. Unlike its larger caliber counterparts, the flip doesn’t become more pronounced as the magazine is emptied. Reloaders are warned: the XD-9 tends to deposit the empty brass in a decidedly random pattern rather than a neat little pile at your feet.

Accuracy is perfectly acceptable at normal defensive handgun ranges and most likely even at extended distances with enough practice. In other words, this is another one of those guns where the gun is more accurate than the shooter.

In the roughly 450 rounds I’ve put through the XD, I’ve encountered zero failures to extract or feed-way stoppages. The two or three failures to fire that I experienced were a direct result of not seating the magazine fully with a firm tap. That’s what I’d call fairly reliable—though the next 10,000 rounds will be the real test. The vast majority of the ammo fired was Winchester NATO 9mm 124 gr. FMJ with around 50 rounds of Federal Hydra-shok 147 gr. jacketed hollow-point ammo. The XD-9 shows no particular preference or aversion to any type of ammo.

The XD-9 really shines after the event. To field strip the weapon for cleaning, just drop the magazine, lock the slide back, rotate the takedown lever at the front of the slide upward 90 degrees, and then gently return the slide into battery on an empty chamber. Point the XD in a safe direction, pull the trigger and move the slide forward off the frame. Disassembly from there is a piece of cake.

Not everyone would be better off with an XD than a Glock. Some hands prefer the Glock’s grip, and some shooters feel better just knowing they’re holding a Glock (not to mention the company’s rep for sterling customer service). Fair enough. But if you’re looking for an affordable, high quality polymer-framed 9mm and [literally] can’t get behind the Glock, the Springfield XD-9 never leaves you with the feeling you’re settling for less. Because you’re not.


Style * * *

The XD-9 borrows heavily from Gaston Glock’s innovative approach, but incorporates enough of its own innovation to avoid clone status.

Ergonomics * * **

From grip angle to the controls, this pistol works well with left or right-handed shooters

Reliability * * * *

Reliability exceeded my expectations.

Customize This * * * * *

Night sights would be a bit of alright, laser sights are an interesting option and there are plenty of flashlights available.

Overall Rating * * * *

Utilitarianism has its own charms.

58 Responses to Gun Review: Springfield XD-9

  1. avatarDr. Shanon Brooks says:

    I love this review. Who is this new writer? Clear, concise and tantalizing. I have no choice, after reading Mr. Hyde's review I must go check out the XD-9!

  2. avatarJim Walton says:

    Super job Bryan. I appreciate your honesty and direct style. For those of us in the market, this is very helpful.

  3. avatarBrad Kozak says:

    Bryan – couldn't agree more. I've bought the XD in both .45 ACP and .40 S&W. It's clearly an evolutionary step forward from the Glock design. And they've done an amazing job designing each model around the caliber, instead of simply forcing a square peg of one caliber into the round hole of another. I'm a big fan of the models with the dual capacity magazines – the shorter magazines are ideal for conceal carry. And I'm jealous of how easy they are to disassemble and clean, when compared to my 1911. Then if you take price into consideration, the XD is, hands down, one of the best values in a semi-auto out there.

  4. avatarJack B says:

    Great review… still would rather have a Glock, but I'm almost convinced! :)

  5. avatarSista says:

    Excellent review. I'm looking forward to reading more from this writer.

  6. avatarGothzilla says:

    I am a total novice and bought the 9mm Springfield XDM as my first semi-auto. Nice review but the only thing I'd add is my slide is pretty stiff. I'm told this is normal and it'll loosen up with more rounds, but for now it's a bit of a chore.

  7. avatarRobert Farago says:

    Gothzilla, In most cases, your first gun is a gimme. In this case, it's a keeper.

  8. avatarJeffery Francom says:

    Excellent review. "Right on the money" on every detail.

    My primary carry is an XD-45, and I love it for all of the reasons you described. My next purchase will be an XD-9 Sub Compact.

    I have profound respect for Glocks, but in my hand, they just don't feel right. The XD felt perfect the first time.

    I look forward to reading more of your articles.


  9. avatarc bueno. says:

    awesome review! i bought the XD40 just over a year ago. i've put more than a few thousand rounds through it and have yet to experiance a failure to fire or extract. being in LE and with the days ahead getting more and more hostile, i am happy to know that when needed my springfield armory will be there everytime no matter what! i dont know if you keep up on the news in Las Vegas, but we just had our 18th OIS this year alone!!! so when i draw my weapon i always plan on using it!!!

  10. avatarXD-9 FAN says:

    great review! just bought an XD-9 today and blew through 100 rounds without a hitch. shes accurate as hell and much easier to shoot to a G-19 or G-17. as everyone said, you have to go with what feels good in your hand.

    love this gun!

  11. avatarJavier says:

    Great review. I own an XD-9, its an amazing weapon, it fits in my hand like its tailor made, shootson the mark, soooo easy to maintain, rugged, I really could not be happier. Just ordered the trijicon sights, this baby never leaves my side since I always carry concealed.

  12. avatarMatt says:

    I've had my XD 9 for well over two years now and had loved every shot. I have both a glock 27 and have used other models, and the Springfield takes the cake with safety options and shootability. I have upgraded mine with truglow tritium nite sites, which are great. Only problem is there are limited gunsmiths to replace your sites. Mine is a tactical full size, and it is supprisingly accurate, to whoever purchaces a XD series, you will not be dissappointed.

  13. I love my XD 9 (sub-compact) for a “carry gun” as an executive protection agent and my students in my concealed carry classes have never had any problems shooting it either.

  14. avatarTodster says:

    I carried the SA .45 ACP MIL SPEC (very basic model) that – that I bought new a couple of years ago – for the nastalgia (sp?) several years ago – I qualified with it in the U.S.M.C. prior to the phase out. That particular model was a great hand guns for it’s intended purpose – trench warefare – but it is somewhat of a dinosaur compaired to new semi-automatic handguns.
    My father carried the .45 on his hip as a U.S. Marine in Korea. He said the service models were very inaccurate, and he said if you couldn’t hit the enemy, you could throw it ‘em and do quite a bit of damage.
    Mine had a full sized frame, and trying to conceil was like trying to hide an elefant by paintin’ it’s toenails and hiding it in a cherry tree – and it weighed a ton.

    After much thought and reservation to trade it in, I finally gave in. I traded straight accross for an SA XD9 Service, O.D. green, 4″barrel in a kit.

  15. avatarDean says:

    Just bought an XD-9. My first gun :). I’m excited to finally put some rounds through it!

  16. avatarPCollen says:

    Is there any reason, aside from size, to favor the XD-9 compact over the sub-c0mpact, or v.v.?

    • avatarSqueezethetrigger says:

      The compact will tend to be a little bit more accurate at further distances. The difference between the Tactical and Service is barrel length 5″-4″, the difference between Service and Compact is simply the grip length ( obviously this also causes a round reduction, but only on your initial one thanks to the grip extensions), and finally the Sub-Compact which gives you a 3″ barrel. Essentially what it comes down to is the shorter the sight radius ( the difference from the rear sight to the front) the less accurate, or more you need to compensate for, at further distances. With all of that being said, if your buying a Sub-Compact, it’s probably because you carry concealed, and would not likely be firing beyond the 15 – 20 yrd. line, if even that far out, and would not see a difference.

      • avatarSamGu says:

        Man, I am sick and tired of people equating accuracy with barrel length. It’s a huge misconception and one of the most spread rumors by the uneducated. A longer barrel in NO WAY (that’s right..NO) is inherent to greater accuracy. Improved sight radius? Sure – but sight radius does not = accuracy. You may be a better shooter with a longer sight radius, but it doesn’t mean the gun is any less accurate with a shorter barrel. Longer barrels in almost all cases do = greater velocity – which, along with improved sight radius is probably where the accuracy myth came about. Don’t believe me? Ransom rest a snubby Smith J frame and test it against a number of equivalent and even non-equivalent caliber weapons with longer barrels. Report back here with results and stop spreading myths. I can nail a soda pop cap at 50 yards with a J frame snub-nose Smith. I can also do it with a 6″ barrel Model 27. Which is easier? Neither – it’s easy with both – because barrel length doesn’t affect accuracy. Class dismissed. EDIT: I now see that you said at distance – to clarify, the bullet will have more velocity upon leaving the barrel, meaning that POI will be closer to POA – but that still is not accuracy. Thank you.

    • avatarHSR47 says:

      There are a number of XD variants:

      Tactical denotes a 5-inch barrel, Service a 4-inch barrel, and subcompact a 3-inch barrel.

      Further, XD pistols are available in two widths: the .45 variant is wider than the others, which all use the same frame/slide width.

      The .45 XD pistols are avaliable with 4 and 5 inch barrels, and with both service and compact grips — thus, four permutations.

      The 9mm/.40/.357 variants are available in full-size service, full-size tactical, and subcompact.

      The ONLY XD variants that have a compact grip are the 9/.40/.357 Sig subcompacts, and the .45 pistols. Thus, there is no such pistol as the “XD-9 compact,” or at least, none from the factory.

  17. avatarRyan says:

    This has pretty much been my experience. Fearsome accuracy, grip safety, extremely reliable. I’d love to get another one…

  18. avatarRobert says:

    Bought my first gun, an XD9 on Saturday… I’m in California, so I gotta wait 10 days to pick it up. I’m very excited!! This review helped me make my decision. Thanks !!

  19. What is with all the “my first gun” comments?! This is easily somewhere past my 20th Handgun (variying from glock to Kel-tec to Taurus, ect, ect.) I chose this gun because of it’s design. It beats Glock (which I love) in my opinion, and I trust my life on it. Glock being the other… Change is good (If done for the better…) They took a good idea and made it better, who could dis that?! Mine has NEVER had any type of malfunction. I have NO idea how many rounds I’ve put through it. What’s the problem? …Nothing! If you like Glock, get yourself 1 of these. See what you think. Dur?! As they cost about the same and are built equally well. Trust someone who’s owned both and is non-biased. …Like me. They both (Glock, XD) rock!

    • avatarHSR47 says:

      “What is with all the “my first gun” comments?”

      They’re from people who are only just getting into gun ownership. As was I when I purchased my first pistol in the summer of 2010; it was an XD 9 in V10 configuration (factory ported). Thus far, I am fairly satisfied with it; It seems to be a bit temperamental with some ammo (extraction issues), and the slide is not exactly rust-proof, but other than that it has been extremely reliable.

      Between it, and the three other XD-9 pistols I have shot, I’ve seen a handful of stoppages in what probably amounts to over 5,000 rounds downrange; Probably 10-15 FTE from one of mine (never had the problem with any of the others, but they’re newer and much less used), probably about the same number of stovepiped cases (it has happened with all of the 4 9mm pistols), and one FTF with the subcompact.

      Honestly though, the gun that doesn’t fail from time to time at the range is the gun that, when it fails in the field may cost you your life. All guns will have stoppages from time to time, and if you never train to deal with them, they will cost more time when the SHTF, and may get you killed.

  20. avatarJason says:

    I own a Glock and the XD-9. This gun made me change my “Give Me Glock Or Give Me Death” mentality. For me, I can adjust my grip with either gun after a few rounds. Both are dangerously accurate, and I would proudly and confidently carry either on my hip if my life was on the line. Springfield knocked one out of the park with this one.

  21. avatarGun Smoke says:

    Hummm….I must have shot a lemon then? I checked out the full-size at the local range. My daily carry is a Ruger p95DC and I’m very proficient with that pistol…and am more accurate with a G19. Thought I would try the XD9 to see what all they hype was about. It’s very heavy…actually felt heavier than my 1911 model…ok. Blocky and very wide (with a flat top, you would think it would be fast reset on target after you fire the thing…my Ruger was easier on the sight picture). I fired 50 rounds through it without a single hiccup. It works-out to 7yards, great. After 7yards, the grouping goes all to heck with the same Sellier & Bellot that I normally qualify with (and Navy SEALS love). I would wager that it would be most impossible to keep on the paper at 25yards. You “really” had to concentrate fully to make it hit where it should. Top heavy as well. My Ruger was much more accurate. It is reliable, good price, but I’m very glad that I test fired one before I bought the gun. I don’t want a firearm that’s incapable of 2-3″ groups at 25yrds. The more accurate it is, the better chance I have of surviving. I can actually shoot my 1911 better than the XD9 without the rear sights (took them off because they kept snagging when carrying concealed)…using just the front. Now, this is not to say that the other models of the XD are not more accurate though as I have seen compact guns out-shoot some full-size models before…just my experience. I really inspected the gun as well, thinking as a range gun, it might be shot-out….but the thing looked almost brand new, virtually zero wear, springs very tight (it was little harder to rack the slide as previous reviewer said) all sights seemed tight/new with no wear or movement. Guess it’s just not for me, but if you can shoot the thing, go for it! From all reports that I’m hearing, the Ruger SR9 or SR9C is the gun to get for overall reliability, accuracy and great trigger, not to mention price.

  22. avatarGreg says:

    Totally agree, the XD just feels better in the hand compared to a Glock for me. I made the XD-9 my first handgun. The only thing I don’t like is there’s no .22 conversion kit for it.

  23. avatarBrian says:

    For the longest as a soldier I never got into firearms when not on duty, despite being an Infantry Scout/RECON. A few years back I got a Colt 1911..CRAP ! I got a 4th gen Glock 17…CRAP ! I got a 3rd gen Glock 22, wasn’t bad, went onto an S&W 4516-2 then onto an M&P 40(didn’t like) finally settling on an M&P 9c(very sweet). From there I moved thru the ranks from Ruger P95s, Bersa Thunders to a few Sigs(great !) and an HK USP45(yawwwn), never once considerring an XD. I traded for an XDm 40 OD once, I hated that gun. I thought the XDm’s were supposed to be BETTER than the XDs so I wrote the entire line and scurried back to my Glock like I was supposed to.
    Oneday a friend of mine came back from a bitter tour in Afghanistan where upon we began horse trading items picked here and there. To my surprise as part of some trading he GAVE me an XD-9 Bi-Tone he no longer “needed”……..this was and still is my first XD. After owning the XDm I’m shocked at how different these 2 lines are that are supposed to be so much alike. It makes me wonder why everyone rags on XD so badly. I don’t like HiPoint, never owned one and probably never will, but wouldn’t turn my nose up at it without knowing personally checking it out myself. If the crowd were right the world would be a safe and peaceful place without war and crime. Until that happens I’ll happily carry my XD-9 without reservation. I trust it and I trust my life with it. When every round counts I’m packing 3 mags(48 rounds) of Hornandy Personal Defense ready to rock. My XD eats everything from Winchester, Fedeal and Blazer without failure.
    I came to the conclusion that people being people are..SHEEPLE, they go with what the “herd” does and say mostly without thinking at all. Most people honor Glock as the “most high” because they’re supposed to and treat XD’s like they’re junk because that’s what they heard. I think those people have more than likely never even held an XD let alone shot one and then more than 1 mag.
    I agree a pistol must “fit” you, you must be comfortable with. I’m comfortable with ANYTHING that’ll save mine and my families lives but I PREFER an XD-9 !

  24. avatarChris Mullins says:

    Bought an XD9 today….I was actually gonna buy a Taurus Millenium .45 acp but was talked into buying this XD9 by the salesman at the gun shop. Ran about 65 rounds through it and absolutely love the gun. I think / hope I made a good choice with this gun…time will tell!

  25. avatarS.CROCK says:

    this was my first gun and i’m glad i went with this over the glock

  26. avatarWil says:

    My very first pistol is an XD 9mm bi-tone ss slide. It was apparent that the handle of the pistol, the grip, was very natural to me, though it felt top heavy, it felt well balanced when lining up the sights. I have purchased other pistols, S&W M&P .45, Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44, but the XD 9mm is my primary weapon of choice and my go to pistol. I love the trigger reset, and the trigger pull is amazing. It has eaten up about 2,000 rounds plus, even personal reload ammo. I currently keep it stock but I am contemplating on putting the Trijicon HD sights.

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      The Trijicon HD sights are great, I highly recommend them. Very visible under all conditions. The wide U-shaped rear notch makes them easy to to center the front post.

  27. avatarStan Rosenthal says:

    I got my XD9 tactical model 9mm about 2 years ago and the gun is not quite 3 years old. I put about 150 rounds of Winchester 115 grain 9mm ammo through it without any problem at the range and then got hold of some Federal 124 grain 9mm ammo and had jamming problems when attempting to use the Federal ammo.
    I actually called the Springfield Armory office that I got off the owners manual and the representative explained to me that Federal had some problems with the Springfield Armory XD9 and that they were attempting to get it “fixed”. The rep. was very gracious and even offered to have me send my gun in to have it checked out for any operational problems.
    Since this time I have switched back to Winchester and Remington 9mm ammunition and hope that the jamming problem is a past problem. I expect to get to the range soon and will let you know if the ammo is the problem or not. I have checked around and don’t find that most other XD9 owners are having these types of firing problems, but since the Springfield Armory rep. says they are aware of the issue, I will assume it has shown up with their product(s).

  28. avatarPatrick Shockley says:

    I just hit the 500 round mark with my XD-9. No failures so far.

  29. avatarStacy Rogers says:

    I’m a novice and am in the market to buy a handgun for home defense. I just got back from a shooting range where I tested four semiauto handguns. One was a Springfield XD 9mm (4″) and three were .45s (Kimber, S&W, Taurus). I can say without hesitation that the Springfield was much better, for me at least. It was very easy to shoot (great trigger feel), fit my hand well, was able to reach the decocking lever with my shooting hand, hit everything I aimed at, and no failures. Again, I am a novice handgun shooter (I’ve shot a few rifles), so forgive any terminology that was incorrect.

  30. avatarJay A says:

    After doing lots of research on the XD-9 I had to experience the firearm for myself. On the day I tested the XD a friend happened to be at the range with his newly purchased Glock 19 Gen4 so we decided to have a comparison of the two weapons.

    The Glock is a Glock so there is nothing astounding about the fact that it did its job, but it was uncomfortable in my hand and I just did not like the way it felt. Yes it was accurate, managable and had no issues, but I like it when a pistol looks kind of cool, not just here it is, nothing more nothing less, and that is how I view Glock. Don’t get me wrong Glock is an amazing weapon and has proven itself time and time again in the hands of cops, federal agents, army and even the people the cops are shooting at have a Glock most of the time.

    I shot the XD after firing about 150 rounds of the Federal 115gr range/target ammo through the Glock and grabbed the Springfield. It was much more comfortable in my hand, it is an ounce or so heavier than the Glock but personally I prefer it because it feels more sturdy and I believe it is better balanced in my hand over the Glock. After shooting another 150 round of the Federal ammo through the XD I loved it. It was nice, controllable and comfortable and I was shooting better with it than the Glock.
    Also, I like the way that the XD looks, it has a sort of cool look with the rail and the serrations on the front and back. Personally I choose the XD over the Glock and purchased it.
    I will however say that I do two Glocks but I will look into the XDM and the XDS 45 and maybe trade the glock in.

    Just my take from my experience and preference on the Springfield XD-9 w/4in barrel.

  31. avatarMaureen Gyory says:

    I absolutely love my XD-9. I am a small, 50 yr. old female with small hands. And this gun fits me perfectly and it shoots like a dream!

  32. avatarnameapete says:

    I just bought a slightly used XD 9 and this pistol is what I have been looking for. I do not own a Glock but have shot my friends many times and there is something about them that dont set just right with me. Dont know if its the ergonomics or what but I just aint sold on them like my buddys are. The XD fits my hand like a glove and is one sweet shooter. I love everything about it especially the easy take down for cleaning. This weapon seems to be built on the beefy side and that is fine by me because I could keep it for many years. Thanks for the great review!

  33. avatarQuickSilva says:

    I Picked up my XD9 six months back and have had nothing but a great experience shooting this firearm. I will in no way bash any other firearm since this is in fact my first pistol, all I can offer is my own personal input about this truly amazing gun. I first made my way to the local gun store deadset that I was going to purchase a Glock 19, it turns out I had never held a Glock but every review about them had nothing negative only great things to say. My first impression picking up a Glock 19 was that it felt a tad bit bulky in my hands, the mag release button was a little out of reach for my comfort level, and the slide release felt very very stiff. After telling the gun store owner what I thought of the Glock 19, he recommended that I pick up the XD 9. From the moment I put that little bundle of joy into the palm of my hand I knew this was the ‘one’ … It felt like the gun was made for me and I couldn’t have been more right. Fast forward six months and over 1000 rnds with not one single FTF or FTE I am one happy camper. I have shot many different brands of ammo even reloads, and this pistol eats them all up. I’ve also stippled the grip to give me added traction when the meat hooks get sweaty, something that most polymer frame owners recommend and I agree helps. So take it from me, if you are thinking of purchasing this gun, you will not be disappointed.

  34. first off, i am no expert. i have had a few ruger p95′s and had no camplaint about them. had a glock 19 and loved it. tried out the xd9 and fell in love! it does seem to fit my hand better which i’m sure helps my shooting. just felt better to me than the glock. needless to say, i do have the xd9 now. i’m hoping to be able to get the xd40 next. as someone said earlier i wont put any make or model down. i say shoot what you feel is best for you. as for me, i’m sold on Springfield XD.

    • avatarHOG says:

      I have an XD40 sub-compact. One of many Springfields. Have had it for at least 5 yrs? Never had an issue, ever. Will keep it till dead, then be buried with it:) I’ll be buying the 9 tomorrow. They are tanks.–HOG

  35. avatarPeter says:

    Thanks for the great review. I have been researching, shopping, and comparing all types of handguns both revolvers and semi-automatics to purchase. Based on what I had learned, the best overall handgun to buy came down to a Glock 19. Being a first time handgun owner I was laser focused on getting a Glock 19. After visiting several major retail locations a Glock 19 was no where to be found, (this was the same day Biden was going to give his gun control recommendations to the pres.). I eventually went to a local gun shop and had a long conversation with the salesman sharing what I knew and had learned of the Glock19, they were out as well. However… he recommended the XD-9. I totally agree that the most important factor in selecting the right handgun is how it feels, As soon as I held the XD-9 I was sold. After reviewing all the features and comparing them to the Glock, I bought it. Keep in mind my heart was still set on the Glock but due to the availability of handguns I had to buy something that day. The next day I went to the range and began getting aquainted with my new best friend. I LOVE THIS GUN! From the first round it felt great and it only took me one mag to get the feel for the XD. It’s 2 weeks later now and I’m 3 range sessions and 400 rounds in and it keeps getting better! I still had some anxiety over not getting the Glock I was so sure I wanted, but after reading this review (and others) I have no regrets on getting the XD-9. It looks good, shoots well, cleans up easy and more importantly feels great in my hand. It does shoot a little left at 7 yds. so either adjusting or changing the sights might be in order. Thanks for all the comments, they have helped me feel great about my choice.

  36. avatarThe Wood says:

    I used to be all glock glock glock glock… It was the only sidearm I would even think about. But I just sold my glock 17 looking for a Glock 21 and the guy at the store showed me the xd tactical 45 acp. After holding it squeezing the trigger and doing a little research, I decided to take the plunge. Let me say, I am now selling my glock 26 to get an xdm. Out of the box the xd tactical was more accurate and easier to shoot in 45acp than my glock 17 was in 9mm. If your on the fence, get off…. Hands down the xd wins…

  37. avatarDan from Texas says:

    I was looking for a light 9mm gun for concealed carry. I had narrowed it down to a Steyr and the XD-9 Subcompact. Our local police officer and expert marksman (cowboy) really liked the Steyr because of the sights (Pyramid) and feel of the trigger after a box or two on the range. He has been a Glock guy since forever. After shooting both I chose the XD-9 SC and he chose to buy both the Steyr and the XD. The XD-9 just felt better in my hand and my own accuracy was better because of that feeling. Not sure why some posters don’t care for the 16 round clip. I love it and I’ve ordered two more from Dawson Precision. My control with the extra grip and weight just feels more secure and natural for me and I do like having the extra capacity. I go to the range at least once a week and my XD-9 has performed so flawlessly that I am now looking at the XD in 45 ACP. The XD has become my new favorite to replace the P95DC 9 mm that has served me perfectly for years. Now, what I am looking for is a laser for the XD-9 SC. Any suggestions?

  38. avatarSamGu says:

    I would look into the Lasermax Guide Rod laser if you can afford it. It replaces your factory guide rod so it will work with any holster. Also, the proximity to the bore line is closer. Some people prefer Crimson Trace laser grips. If you can’t afford those, try the Laserlyte subcompact laser (v2) which will run a couple hundred bucks cheaper! Good luck and great choice of weapon! If you’ve even thought about picking one up in .45, I highly suggest you do so. My XD-45 was what finally swayed me from my 1911 stubborness. The first polymer pistol I ever shot was a Glock back in the 80′s – I thought it was garbage. Every Glock I’ve shot since has reminded me why I don’t buy Glocks. If half of these Glock fanboys shot an equivalent XD back to back with their preferred choice of tactical tupperware, they’d all sell their Glocks and the XD would be the most popular pistol hands down. I’ve always considered it a matter of ignorance. Everyone knows what a Glock is so for those who wish to buy a gun based on a name, they get what they deserve. When your Glock blows up on you, get it replaced and sell it and come to the XD side.

    • avatarMarc says:

      You can’t possibly be serious in thinking I would sell my Glock 26 and 19 for a Springfield, or that I would sell my XD45 and XD9 for any Glock. In my opinion both are fine pistols and I enjoy all of them. However, the XD’s are delegated to the range. The Glock 26 is my pocket carry (yes pocket) and the 19 pulls double duty as a bedside weapon and IWB. To say one is better than the other is nothing more than your own opinion and certainly not the gospel truth.

      • avatarC Harbert says:

        I agree with Marc. Both are fine pistols. Although I have no problems with using the XD pistols for carry as well as my Glock 19. I think it is ridiculous to call owners of a brand that has had so much success and such great customer service and reliability ” ignorant “. I have fired untold rounds through my 19 of numerous brands with absolutely no problems whatsoever. And so have many others. I can only hope that SamGu recovers from his mentally arthritic condition. Bless his heart.

  39. avatarMike007 says:

    The xd9 is also my first gun and i do love it but mine seems to have a fault in it that being that after only 120 rounds down the barrel the barrel of the gun developed a expanded bubble right at the base. It apears that the barrel was not tempered correctly and there was pressure fractures all along the base of the barrel. It worried me cause i know these are very well made guns and am confused as to if this is unusual or if it has happened before.
    I also have heard conflicting reports as to speingfields willingness to repair it. The shop said they would possibly not want to but i have also heard from other gun owners that they will…
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  40. I just got my XD Tactical 9mm and love it.

  41. avatarAlex says:

    Love my xd40 service model, the thing has had the crap beat out of it and just keeps on goin. Got about 2500 rounds of 40 through it and another 6000 + round of 9mm with an efk conversion barrel. The finish is beat to hell and back from being holstered and unholstered and maybe even used as a hammer once. I love this gun more than the day I bought it.

  42. avatarRod says:

    I own both a Glock and Sprigfield pistols, the XD is a much better pistol. The warranty on a Springfield is lifetime warranty, Glock is one year that alone should rise a flag. Safety on Springfield is the best of both.

  43. avatarHarold says:

    Use my XD9 as an IDPA first timer pistol, when I introduce folks to this great sport I (begrudgingly) let them use my XD. I have made a bunch of converts! Amazing weapon, eats ANY ammo I’ve put through it without complaint. Countless rounds from high quality Winchester to the cheapest steel case junk I could find . Never one FTF.

  44. avatarJason says:

    Bought a XD9 back when they first come out..loved it but unfortunately lost it to a full house over 3 aces…Who would have thought. Ive had Glock , Smith and others since and today my wife purchased me another XD9. I knew I married her for a reason..They are truly superior firearms and I strongly recommend them for any one seeking a carry weapon

  45. avatarbrandon conley says:

    I bought an XD9 Subcompact in OD Green about 4 years back as my first gun. I’ve been using it as my daily carry, as well as competing in a PPC style pistol league with it ever since. I’m well over 7000 rounds through the gun and I have zero complaints.

    Around the 4500 round mark I started having light primer strikes. I called Springfield and they quickly corrected my issue. I had been cleaning the gun after every range trip and had been dropping oil into the striker channel. The oil then absorbs the burnt powder residue and turns into a thick sludge preventing a full power strike from the striker. Cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol, blew it dry with an air duster, put it back together bone dry, and never oiled there again. Not a hiccup sense. Moral of the story, DO NOT OIL THE STRIKER CHANNEL.

    I’ve worked my way from a total newbie, to a consistent 2nd or 3rd place in the league all with this little 3 inch subcompact. I even took first place in the end of season shoot-off competition this year. I love this pistol, and I’d recommend it to any new shooter. Now if I could just get my hands on a service model to match my subbie, my collection would be complete.

  46. avatarJose says:

    Great Review. I Just bought my XD-9 as my very first pistol, and after 8 yrs in the Marines mostly using a 9mm Beretta, i have to say the XD-9 is a much more comfortable hand gun. I cant wait to pick it up in 7 more days !! LoL
    Semper Fi

  47. avatarStephen says:

    I am fairly new to semi-automatics but I have been an amateur shooter for almost 60 years. My primary reasons for owning my handguns are self-defense and recreational shooting. Having said that, I’ve had my new XD-9 for several weeks and I’ve shot a boatload of Federal 115 gr. FMJ ammo through it without a hitch. I would like to think that it is my shooting skill but I know the credit goes to this pistol! I’ve never shot so well in my life. I fondled and field stripped a bunch of 9mm pistols at several stores and this is the only one that just felt perfect in my hand — sort of like a pair of shoes that has broken in just right. After reading the reviews and history, I bought it and the honeymoon is far from over. I won’t bash any other brand, but this is my favorite 9mm. Now, about the .380 ACP’s — that’s a whole ‘nother story…. I like them, too!

  48. avatarmarco de la Roca de la Vega says:

    I own many pistols….for me xd 9 is a great pistol. But in steel….try CZ 75 b omega….wow!!!!

  49. avatarJoanne Leigh says:

    I am the proud owner of the XD9 Subcompact. Of all the handguns I’ve owned, this is by far at the top of the list. I added a Crimson Trace laser and just love this gun. It’s a short grip with the 13 round mag, but I also have a 16 round mag that extends the grip to full size, depending on my preference. As for safety, there’s no doubt if a round is chambered or if the gun is cocked. The loaded chamber indicator and a cocking indicator, both visual and tactile, are a huge plus. I could go on and on extolling the virtues of this gun, but suffice to say, I would recommend this sidearm to anyone.

  50. avatarC Harbert says:

    I have owned and carried a Glock 19 since 2003. It has been supremely reliable, more than acceptable in accuracy and very easy to conceal and carry. Customer service has always been outstanding also. About two years ago a friend of mine went to the range with me and brought an XD-9. I never thought I would find a better pistol than my 19. After all, it was reliable and held 15 rounds in a very concealable package. Shooting the XD-9 was a revelation for me. It was more comfortable and even a little more accurate. I was shocked. I still have my 19 and probably always will. But with the advent of the XDs in 9mm I will probably be purchasing one soon.

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