Adopt a Sniper

I don’t really understand the impetus behind American Snipers. From what I can glean, older snipers can adopt a younger pup sniper and instill some of the skills. And purchase some equipment like Kestral weather meters that can help determine the wind downrange so snipers can calculate the right amount of Kentucky Windage for the […]

The Highest Caliber of Guns

OK so our fearless leader got bit by the high-end gun bug and drools over the Wilson Combats, Ed Browns, Nighthawk Customs, STI Internationals and Gemini Customs of the world. But he hasn’t discovered the next level: the full-on, full-tilt, balls-to-the-wall, uber-expensive mastabatory-material bespoke weapons. So let me point RF and our armed intelligentsia in the right direction for some […]

Hotrodding the WASR-10 – Part 2

In my first article on hotrodding the WASR 10, I talked about taking off the bloc-quality furniture and restoring it to something more suitable for Scandinavia (namely above IKEA grade). Now that I had the firearm looking good, the next step: help its performance in a potential home defense scenario. After all, the Kalashnikov is […]