Saturday Evening Post: Mattel Shootin’ Shell 45s!

A blast (no pun intended) from the past, from back in the day, when it was socially acceptable to be a kid that liked cool toys, guns, and things that make loud noises. Sadly, toys like these (and the commercials that sell them) have largely suffered the same politically correct fate that befell the tobacco industry. (Disclosure: I’m not a smoker – never have been. And I hate cigarette smoke. But it’s a great analogy.) Enjoy.


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Brad Kozak is an iconoclastic, curmudgeonly graphic designer/marketer/writer/musician/advertiser/conservative creative guy. In 2007, he completed a gradual transition from a conservative semi-pacifist to a proactive, armed citizen, willing to exercise his Second Amendment rights to protect his family and property. His idea of “gun control” is hitting where he aims.

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  1. avatarUnclePete says:

    I remember those! I just had the regular "roll cap" six-guns, but one of my best friends had a shootin' shell pistol. If I remember correctly, the "bullets" were spring loaded, so the cap was only there for the sound. He also had a "machine gun" that I think used the same shells.

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