DISCLOSE Act Goes Down In Flames. For Now.

You gotta love the Progressives. They never give up. Today, the DISCLOSE Act failed to pass. The Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act would effectively muzzle most political action groups, advocacy organizations, and issue groups (except for the NRA, the Unions, and the AARP, all of which were exempted from the […]

God Bless John Stossel

[flv]http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/videos/JohnStossel2.mp4[/flv] John Stossel. The very name elicits some interesting reactions, depending upon who’s talking. Libertarians love him, and count him as one of their own. Conservatives admire him, but occasionally find he rubs them the wrong way. Liberals loathe him, as his favorite sport seems to be shooting every sacred cow in their hallowed herd […]

Out of the Closet: Hollywood ❤s Guns. Sort of.

Once I became a gun owner and received the training I needed to carry and use it responsibly, mine eyes were opened to the bi-polar attitude Hollywood has regarding guns. Perfectly willing to exploit guns in movies and on TV for ratings, most of Hollyweird has this love-hate thang goin’, where they despise and deplore […]

TV Review: The Good Guys

Dallas is my adopted home town. I love the place – the people, the architecture, the places to go, the things to do. And I wanna move back there ASAP. Until I do, Fox is offering up a little slice o’ home in the way of a new cop show, The Good Guys. Starring Bradley […]

The Homeboy Shoppin’ Network.

Anybody remember the Wayans Brothers and In Living Color? In particular, one of their standout routines was the “Homeboy Shopping Network,” where two small-time hoods sold stuff off the back of a truck. Hillarious. The product above would have fit in well with their enterprise.

The Yin and Yang of Home Defense

For those of you who’s only exposure to Eastern philosophy came from watching David Carradine just prior to reluctantly opening up a can of Oriental whoop-ass on some miscreant in Kung Fu, “yin” (阴) and “yang” (阳) are polarized or seemingly contrary forces that are nonetheless interconnected and interdependent. It also references how these contrary […]

Sunday Morning Funnies: (De)Motivational Posters

Like motivational posters? Personally, I can’t stand ’em. They are to philosophical discourse what cotton candy is to the food pyramid. Having said that, I’m a huge fan of satire, and nothing says “what a stupid load of crap motivational posters are” better than satirical versions of same. Below, you’ll find an assortment of posters […]

Shootout at the Six Flags Corral

Howdy, Pardner. I’m actually on vacation (or as much of a vacation as I ever get/take). In this instance, I’m taking the Apple of My Eye (a.k.a.: my 12-year-old daughter) to Six Flags over Texas, the amusement park of my youth. Growing up in Shreveport, Six Flags was just a hop, skip and a jump […]