Question of the Day: Do You Have A Home Defense Plan?

Later today, an Iraq War vet and I will be casing a large Victorian house, looking for the easiest way to break in. This is only a test. I repeat, this is only a test. A dry run for a new security business (separate from TTAG). Our goal: to create a total security package. Our final recommendations will include an alarm system, lighting, external (doors, windows) and internal modifications (safe room). We will also write a home defense plan based on the house’s physical layout, the number of family members and their probable location at any given time. We’ll factor in the owner’s firearm preferences and ability. The final plan will advise the homeowner which weapons to use, where and how to store them, and how to use them in various scenarios. (If implemented, we’ll train the homeowner in firearms defense with both live fire at the range and snap caps in their own home.) Question: do you have a complete home defense plan based on your specific circumstances? Do you practice it with your family?