Oregon OKs Pot Smoking Concealed Carry License Holders

Oregon Sheriff Mike Winters somehow got it into his head that someone with a medical marijuana license holder shouldn’t have a concealed carry handgun license. When Winters denied Cynthia Willis the license, she appealed his decision and won. The state then appealed to the Court of Appeals (as one does)—and lost. So Ms. Willis is [still] free to pack heat. “Portland attorney Leland Berger, who represents Willis and three others in the state who also have been denied concealed handgun permits, said the decision is a victory for marijuana cardholders throughout the state. ‘It means the sheriffs in Oregon will no longer be able to discriminate against patients,’ Berger said . . . He said the handgun permit denial by Winters and other sheriffs is a result of their opposition to the medical marijuana law, rather than over any real issue with the weapons permit.” Huh?