3 Responses to “Killing Gun Nuts with Their Own Stupidity”

  1. I really don’t know what to say after watching that. You can’t even try to argue with someone like this.

  2. Where did you FIND this guy? More importantly, with him making statements that can be perceived as threats against the Supreme Court, where can the BATFE, FBI, or local law enforcement authorities find him? This guy is seriously deranged, and I suspect, a danger to himself and others. Somebody, somewhere should be fitting him for some new clothing, including a nice, canvas blazer with wrap-around arms.

    Not that it makes any difference any more, but he lists a Pontiac, Michigan area code on his phone number. And he doesn’t strike me as someone that would be bright enough to consider the consequences of his actions or statements on video. So…Pontiac Police – are you listening? Do you have the 411 on this guy? Seriously…

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